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Norway in the process of criminalising the buying of sex

Lisa Kerker

The Norwegian government has now put forward a law proposal to criminalise the purchase of sexual services, irrespective of whether this takes place in Norway or abroad. The proposed penalty for this is a fine or imprisonment up to 6 months, or up to 1 year in case of aggravating circumstances and up to 3 years if buying sex from minors. The goal with a criminalisation is that such a prohibition will change attitudes, decrease demand and thus diminish the market for trafficking. An equivalent law exists in Sweden since 1999, criminalising the purchases of sexual services.

You find the Norwegian proposal here.

The Norwegian government is also working on different actions to help women to exit prostitution, and has asked the Institute of Applied International Studies, Fafo, to map the prostitution market in Norway.

(Information from the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and the Police, press release 18.04.2008.)