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Seminar on trafficking in women - Brussels

Lisa Kerker

On the 7th of March 2008, Colette De Troy, Lisa Kerker and Rada Boric from the EWL secretariat participated at a lunch seminar at the Oslo Region European office in Brussels, relating to international women’s day. The EWL representatives were invited to speak about trafficking at EU level, the Nordic-Baltic pilot project and trafficking in women for sexual exploitation in the Balkans. Besides from the EWL, Unni Kiil from ROSA Norway (part of the Nordic-Baltic Network) presented their shelters’ work on assistance to women victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation.

The Nordic-Baltic pilot project and its model of cooperation through an inter-agency network was presented by the EWL. The link between prostitution and sex trafficking was highlighted throughout the seminar, as were the benefits of the tackling of demand, and the consequences that legalisation of prostitution has on sex trafficking.

Norway is in the process of criminalising the purchases of sexual services, through a law similar to the Swedish one. The Swedish model, criminalising the demand, was seen by all as a good way to combat sex trafficking.