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Latvia has ratified the Council of Europe Trafficking Convention

Lisa Kerker

Today, the 6th of March 2008, Latvia has deposited the instrument of ratification for the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings. Of the states in the Nordic-Baltic region, Denmark, Norway and Latvia have ratified the Convention.

Now 16 states have ratified the Convention which requires states to take measures regarding prevention of trafficking, protection to victims of trafficking and prosecution of traffickers. The protection measures concern identification; protection of private life; assistance; reflection period; residence permit; compensation and legal redress; and repatriation and return of the victims, while promoting gender equality and using gender mainstreaming. The Convention entered into force on the 1st of February 2008 and its implementation will be monitored by the Group of experts on action against trafficking in human beings (GRETA).

For more information about the Convention, its status and the CoE Council of Europe Campaign to Combat Trafficking in Human Beings, please click here.